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Desde: 05/01/2018      Publicadas: 3      Atualização: 06/01/2018

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 trump the children

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trump the chidren 6 years ago

trumo the children 6 years ago with president eua

trump the chidren  6 years ago

Trump has the vocabulary of a child of 6 years "

For Peter Kuznick, a professor of history at the American University in Washington, "things seem well underway" for an impeachment to Trump. Kuznick is a nuclear expert and author of "The Untold Story of the United States," written with director Oliver Stone and edited in Portugal by the Vowels.

Are you scared of Donald Trump's presidency?

Scared. The most immediate threat comes from nuclear policies. Suffice it to say that a very limited, hypothetical war between India and Pakistan, in which 100 bombs equivalent to that of Hiroshima would blow up, would be enough to cause two billion deaths, an abrupt drop in temperatures and diseases for at least a decade. Imagine what could happen if only a fraction of the roughly 15,000 more powerful weapons were used. Trump said during the campaign that it would respond to a terrorist attack with nuclear weapons, already threatened to tear the deal with Iran and its foreign policy advisers are scary. He surrounded himself with a bunch of Islamophobes.

Many comparisons have already been made between Hitler and Trump. Is it exaggeration?

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Despite many similarities, Trump is not yet a Hitler, nor will we let him become one. He appeals to the worst tendencies that exist in society, has many positions hostile towards Muslims and does not run a blood of goodness or human generosity. But we have not yet seen that blind hatred that could lead to genocidal madness as in the case of Hitler. A disturbing sign, however, is the contempt for the truth. He's not a Nazi, but I have no doubt that a man like Trump would be a Nazi in Germany in the 1930s.

Are you hoping the Republican Party will act as a brake on Trump's madness over the next four years?

No, because the one who created it was the Republican Party. Trump is a product of years and years of Republican positions that appeal to the worst of American society: to hatred, prejudice, fear, racism, to misogyny. Trump goes just a little further than the average Republican these days. The Tea Party extremists ended up with moderate Republicans. The only hope, however tenuous, is that the less extremist extremists realize that Trump is not good for the party and that they would be better off with Mike Pence.

The year 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the end of the Cold War. How do you see the US-Russia relationship? Can we talk about a before and after after Vladimir Putin?

In the days of Boris Yeltsin the Washington-Moscow relationship was a marvel to the American ruling class, but it proved a disaster for Russia. Yeltsin accepted everything the US wanted. The result was the Russian economy shrinking. Even the average life expectancy dropped from 66 to 57 years. The writer Alexander Soljenítsin, after having been in exile for two decades, returned to Russia and described the situation in 2000: "The fundamental sectors of the state have been destroyed or looted. This was the moment when NATO began to expand eastwards - although Bush had promised Gorbachev that this would not happen if Russia were to bring about German reunification.

What about Vladimir Putin?

At first, Putin was friendly to the US. But gradually, as NATO continued to expand to the gates of Russia, the relationship with Bush son soured. Barack Obama vowed to restart from scratch, but continued to follow policies that were seen by Putin as a threat to Russian national security, including sending weapons into space, expanding NATO, sending troops to the Baltic, Ukraine, sanctions ... Despite positive cooperation in cases such as the nuclear deal with Iran, relations deteriorated to the point where a "new Cold War" began. By 2016 the situation was indeed dangerous. The US and Russia have been closer to the war than at any time since 1962.

With Trump, did we move from the new cold war to hot love?

In the last year I went to Russia several times. It was disturbing to realize that my Russian colleagues preferred Trump to Hillary Clinton. I'm not a Clinton fan, but I tried to explain to them that it would always be preferable to a reckless, intolerant, ignorant, narcissistic, impulsive fool. The only thing that Trump has done so far as president that leaves me a little hope was the phone call with Putin. It is good that you have managed to reduce tensions. But the fact that at the moment being friendly towards Russia does not mean that it is like that tomorrow. A man who loses his temper if provoked on Twitter should never have access to the code

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